3.5.4 Human activities can damage ecosystems and create new ones

3.5.4 Human activities can damage ecosystems and create new ones


  • Ecosystems are dynamic systems, usually moving from colonisation to climax communities in a process known as succession.
  • Communities change with time, because of the interaction between species and their environment. At each stage certain species change the environment so that it becomes more suitable for other species.

In this lesson we looked at some examples where succession is starting to happen around the school site – moss on the playground, grass between paving stones, lichens on concrete walls.

In the lesson we discussed:

  • the adaptations of pioneer species
  • the process of succession in rocky environments and in aquatic environments
  • that a climax community is in equilibrium with its environment. The interplay of biotic and abiotic factors maintain a stable community of populations.
  • why does the school field not undergo succession.

Here is the powerpoint we used: succession_

There are plenty of examples of succession studies on the web. Follow this link to find details of a typical example of succession.

Local Wildlife






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