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Learning Objectives for Tuesday 07/05/13

In this afternoon’s lesson we’ll cover the following learning objectives:

3.2.10 Adaptation and selection are major components of evolution and make a significant contribution to the diversity of living organisms.


Antibiotics may be used to treat bacterial disease. One way in which antibiotics function is by preventing the formation of bacterial cell walls, resulting in osmotic lysis.

Genetic variation in bacteria

DNA is the genetic material in bacteria as well as in most other organisms.

Mutations are changes in DNA and result in different characteristics.

Mutations in bacteria may result in resistance to antibiotics.

Resistance to antibiotics may be passed to subsequent generations by vertical gene transmission.

Resistance may also be passed from one species to another when DNA is transferred during conjugation. This is horizontal gene transmission.

Antibiotic resistance in terms of the difficulty of treating tuberculosis and MRSA.

Powerpoint for the lesson: Genetic_variation_in_bacteria

3.2.11 Biodiversity may be measured within a habitat.

Species diversity

Diversity may relate to the number of species present in a community.

The influence of deforestation and the impact of agriculture on species diversity.

Powerpoint for the lesson: 2.17_Biodiversity

Index of diversity

An index of diversity describes the relationship between the number of species and the number of individuals in a community.

Calculating the species diversity index from the formula for species diversity index.

Resources: Species Diversity Index Calculation Worksheet, Index card activity instructions








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