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Revision tip of the day #3

post it on fridgeThis one is courtesy of one of my scientist colleagues, Mrs Wright-Phillips, so if you find it useful then be sure to say thanks. It’s really simple. Put sticky notes containing bullet – points, notes or diagrams around the house in locations that you visit regularly. For me this would be the fridge and the kettle.

Every time you visit the biscuit cupboard or the bathroom sink, try to see if you can remember everything written on the post it note you left there last night!

Easy and effective!

Remember that your brain makes stronger associations between places and colours than it does between black and white words on the page.

Get down to the shop for some sticky notes guys!

As a little revision treat for you, here’s a fantastic revision PowerPoint I found for Unit 2: Unit_2_revision_sheets

You could print these slides 3 to a page and then cut them out. Stick them around the house and you’ve got some ready made revision notes.




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